Birthday Apron by Crystal

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello Ribbons Unlimited Inc. Fans!
It's Crystal here and today I am making a Birthday Apron with ribbon from Ribbons Unlimited Inc.. The ribbon I am using today is Dazzle Ribbon and it is so full of sparkle you will go into sensory over load from it!  This is a good thing if you love all that sparkles! Grab you cup of coffee and let me walk you thru how I made this cute little apron
my little model is Zoe.
Birthday apron 019
I found this muslin type apron at JoAnns for about $4.50 , I thought it would make a great base for this ribbon project and we are going to jazz it up !!!!
Birthday apron 001
next I take the 7/8" Lime /Hot Pink Sugar Dot ribbon and make small pleats and sew down the center of the ribbon to adhere to the neck strap
Birthday apron 002

Birthday apron 003
I was pretty tickled how cute this came out! This was all done with out pinning ahead of time. Make a pleat, sew, and repeat until complete!
Birthday apron 005
next I cut my lettering ( Birthday Girl ) from contact paper in my silhouette and and stick them to my apron frontBirthday apron 001 - Copy
next we are going to add ink splatters by stamping and spraying ink , I sponged all-purpose ink on my stamp and stamped some splats , use any brand of ink sprays most are permanent on fabricBirthday apron 002
after I was done with that I took off my letter to see what I had , my letters were not standing out as much as I would have liked so I went around the letter with an Ultra Fine Sharpie         TIP :there are never mistakes when crafting just opportunities to embellish
Birthday apron 003
next I am making pin wheel bows to pin at the top of each side , I made these into pins so you can take them off and use in a jacket or headband ect. , we can get more use out of our creation if we make them detachable
with 5/8'  Turquoise Dazzle Ribbon I cut I cut 4 3" strips and forked the ends and heat sealed them , create a cross over pattern as below and hand tack them in place with needle and thread
Birthday apron 006
cut 4   5/8" hot pink dazzle and fork ends ,heat seal and tack with needle and thread
Birthday apron 007
I made a loop flower with 3/8" orchid dazzle ribbon and tack with needle and thread this flowers ends up being 2 1/2 wide when done
Birthday apron 009
I also made a white 5/8" dazzle straight line bow tied with  3/8 orchid dazzle ribbon , after you get two sets cut it time to assemble with the hot glue gun , I put a white felt circle on the back to finish the under side , add the bar pin and the cut a 3/4 in long piece of White Dazzle to cover bar pin
Birthday apron 008
a look from the back and the finished bow pin
Birthday apron 009
next I made a cupcake out of my  7/8" Lime /Hot Pink Sugar Dot ribbon for the base and 5/8" hot pink I ruffled for the top and sewed it onto the apron , I chose to sew all my embellishments because I want it to be machine washable
my finished apron
Birthday apron 010

Birthday apron 012

Birthday apron 019

Birthday apron 020
Ribbon Supplies :

Thanks so much for stopping by, leave me some feed back if you loved this project, I love hearing from my scrappy computer friends who love getting crafty : )
Crystal Lopez – Design Team member for Ribbons Unlimited


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