Thank You Card with Bow Tutorial by Jamie Cripps

Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Friday!
Jamie with you to share a fun bow tutorial that you can use on a variety of projects, even your gift wrapping!  Today I am using the bow on a simple Thank You card to dress it up!  
Have a look...

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Cut a 20" piece of the 7/8" Chevron Orange/Hot Pink Ribbon and fold back and forth as shown.
2.  Place a piece of twine under the ribbon and then pull tightly and knot in the center.  Trim your ribbon ends in "V" shapes.
3.  Cut a 8" piece of 7/8" Double Ruffle Hot Pink Ribbon and place it underneath your bow.
4.  Knot the 7/8" Double Ruffle Hot Pink Ribbon around the bow then tie your twine to make a small bow on top of the knot.

These bows are really quick to make and they really bring a lot of 
attention to your projects and gifts!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Weaving Ribbon with Christine Meyer

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halfway through our work week and I'm back to share a way to add some pretty texture to your card creations!  I thought it would be fun to try weaving for a background and I have to admit, I was beyond pleased with the end result!

I used the White Organdy Ribbon to create my background.  To create this effect I cut out my one inch frame (the aqua striped background) leaving a square in the center.  I then added adhesive all around the border and laid out my ribbon pieces diagonally.  I then slowly went through and weaved my rows for the other direction.

It kind of reminds me of the look of vellum!  And doing the weaving on the diagonal instead of straight across adds a different interest.

Love this look?  Next week I will be back with a less subtle, but still just as fun weaving project with our Delight Satin Edge Ribbon!  See you then!

Layering Ribbon with Jill

Friday, September 20, 2013


Jill is using our Sea Foam Double-Face Satin Ribbon to not only create this beautiful bow but also for layering the ribbon vertically down the side of the card.  Her trick?  She simply adheres it with a double sided adhesive!  How easy is that?  It really gives the look of her card a lot of texture and elegance!

Satin Headband with Pinky

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good morning Ribbons Unlimited friends, 

Pinky here today with a fun tutorial post. 
If you have a girl or wear headbands- you probably have that old headband 
around that you just can't part with because it's not broken yet. 
I have several, so I decided to upcycle and refresh them!
 Step 1. Start at the end of the headband place a dot of hot glue. 
Step 2. Place Ribbons Unlimited ribbon on inside edge and wrap twice tightly. 
 Step 3. Wrap ribbon around headband working your way up the side,
using sporadic dots of glue. 
Step 4. Stop wrapping halfway up- using broken necklace or beads
hot glue beads or necklace onto headband. Make sure beads or necklace 
are still strung. 
 Step 5. Wrap ribbon around beads as shown. 
Step 6. End with tightly wrapped ribbon and dot of glue.

Watch the smiles begin! 
A beautiful band for a beautiful child. 

I hope you were inspired by today's post to get out there and use RIBBON!
Its the perfect shade!
Until next time- keep on creating!

Fall Sewing With Pinky

Friday, September 13, 2013

Good morning Ribbons Unlimited friends- 
Pinky here today with a handmade sewing project to share. 

As we head into the fall season and cooler weather
I find myself sewing more and more. 

As I was sewing this dress I got to thinking how amazing adding some
texture and a pop of color would be- so why not use the Ribbons Unlimited
perfectly coordinated ribbon to do just that!
This Orange Double Ruffle Ribbon was the perfect addition to not only
the hemline- but also a fun bow in the front. 
AND straps! This dress is the perfect "Candy Corn" dress any
girl would look adorable in with a little sweater or even a t-shirt underneath. 
The ribbon is the icing on the cake!

These ribbons are perfect for all your crafting needs- from the paper crafts
to sewing and anything else you can think of. 
I hope you enjoyed my project today. 

Until next time- Keep on creating!

Products Used:
Designer Fabrics (Samantha Walker)
Sewing Machine
White Thread

Hi Card from Jill Foster

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jill is joining us today with another fabulous card!  Today she is using our Flame Double-Faced Satin Ribbon!  We love the rich, bold color this ribbon provides, 
it really makes any card pop!


You can find more of our Double-Faced Satin Ribbons HERE.

Spiral Bow with Jamie Cripps

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Good evening!  Jamie back with you tonight to share an easy and fun bow!  I am using this one as a hair bow, but you could use this on scrapbook pages, cards, floral designs, and so much more!

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Gather your ribbon, clothes pins, and a dowel rod and preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
2.  Wrap your ribbon around the dowel rod, securing the first end with a clothes pin.
3.  Continue wrapping the ribbon tightly down the dowel rod.
4.  Secure the end with the second clothes pin when complete.
5.  I used three separate coordinating ribbons, repeating steps 2-4 for each.
6.  Next place your ribbons on a baking sheet and back at 250 for 25 minutes.  Remove the ribbons from the oven and stand to let them cool (7-10 minutes).
7.  Carefully slide the ribbons off the dowel rods and cut to your desired length.  Mine are 4".
8.  Use a flame around the edges so they do not fray.
9.  Next take a piece of twine and tie three of them together in the center.
10.  Gather the next three and tie them on as well.
11.  Tie a large bow using the Organdy Ribbon.
12.  Tie the spiral on to the Organdy ribbon bow so it is on the bottom.
13.  Bring the two piece of twine up to the top of the ribbon.
14.  Flip the bow over again and slide a barrette through the twine as shown.
15.  Turn the bow back to the top and then use the twine to tie a button in place.

Super easy and the kids will have fun making these too!

Ribbons Unlimited Supplies:
2-3/4" Light Pink Organdy
3/8" Double Ruffle Hot Pink

Five Minute Bows with Christine!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Christine with you today to share one of my favorite bows to make!  I have a 6 year old daughter who loves to wear hair bows.  But because she is six, bows tend to get lost, get dirty, or just plain fall apart from use.  I have found a quick, easy way to make hair bows for her that makes it so I always have a bow to match those special outfits and I don't have to spend hours creating them! I even created one at 11:00 pm the night before school started. Best of all you don't have to be able to tie a pretty bow to create these because these ones take a shortcut! 

 Today I have several varieties to share with you, but first let's start off with a tutorial!  

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
 Using your fingers as a guide, wrap the ribbon around them as many times as you wish to create your bow.  For this bow I went around three times.  I start in the middle and end in the middle so the ends are hidden beneath the knot.

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
Cut an additional piece of ribbon to use to create your knot and tails.  Again, the length is up to you and the look you are going for.  I usually err on the side of long and then trim it up. Tie a tight knot and adjust the tails to look as you want them to.

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
Attach it to a hair clip either using some liquid adhesive, sewing, or a glue gun.  I use alligator clips for this type of bow and slide the top part into the knot, so liquid adhesive works great!  As you can see, these would also work great for a card or gift wrap!

Ribbons Unlimited carries many different types of ribbon and I wanted to show you how this bow looks using different styles of ribbon.  I had a lovely 6 year old model help me out :)

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
This one uses the Strawberry Organdy Ribbon, I wrapped it around three times, and I notched the tails.

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
I was surprised to find out that wired ribbon works really well for these.  I wouldn't use it for little girls, but for a big girl it will be fine.  The wire is very thin and actually reminds me of fishing line.  the wire makes for a beautiful, fluffy bow!  This one uses the Champagne with White Dots ribbon.  I wrapped it around twice and angled the tail.

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
Another wired ribbon! This one is the Berry Ombre Ribbon.  I wrapped it just once and angled the tails.

How to make five minute hairbows using wired or unwired ribbon
This last one uses the Celadon Lyon French Wired Ribbon.  I wrapped this one around twice and trimmed the tails short so you can't see them.

Thanks for joining us here today!

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