Ribbon Bookmark by Jamie L.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hey everyone, 

Jamie here, and today I'd like to share a ribbon bookmark. 

For this project all you really need is ribbon, scissors, a button, an elastic hair tie, needle & thread (or a sewing machine), and hot glue & hot glue gun (optional).

I used 5/8" red wired satin ribbon and 11/2" navy blue mini stars wired ribbon. 
This bookmark is such an easy project. If I hadn't hand stitched it probably would have only taken 15 mins. My hand stitching skills used to be decent, but I haven't hand stitched in quite awhile. My stitching was less than beautiful, so I hot glued red ribbon over it and it looks pretty good now!

Let me give you the easy steps real quick... 
1. Cut ribbon to size (size depends on book... measure around and have a gap between the ends of about 2 - 3 inches.

2. place elastic band on one edge about an inch in and fold ribbon over the elastic.
3. stitch the end of the ribbon thats folded over the elastic making a loop out of the ribbon that traps the elastic in.
4. on the other end of the ribbon sew on a button. DONE!

 (optional steps if you want to clean up the edges)

5. fold back the ribbon edge the button is on toward the inside and hot glue down.
6 wrap a different ribbon over the stitches from the elastic.

I hope you guys enjoy this project and give it a go yourself.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

No Sew Easy Sachets by Melissa Craig

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi everyone, Melissa here.  I have a fun project to share with you that I hope you like as much as I do.  I found on Pintrest awhile back so different sachets, which of course led me down the You Tube path to watch whatever videos I could find - and though fabulous ideas, I thought they were just too... too - well, not sure what the word is.  Just too much for me.  I don't have a clue how to use hem tape or whatever it's called and Aleene's fabric tape is so expensive.  I got to thinking, these items don't go in the washing machine so why not just use a really strong double sided adhesive.  Here's what I created.

I picked up some inexpensive tea towel material at JoAnn Fabrics, as well as some mesh type fabric to hold the lavender buds.  I cut the fabric about 3 inches in width and just sort fussed with the length until I had a pocket the size I wanted.  I did the same with the mesh piece, sizing it to just a bit smaller - filled it with lavender buds and then closed it off.  I then stuffed it inside the pocket and sealed it up as well.

Let's talk decoration...

This one uses French Wired ribbon - Porcelain Blue, Solid Grosgrain ribbon - Jasmine Green, and Grosgrain Dazzle ribbon - Light Pink.  To create the blue flower, I removed the wire from a length of ribbon and cut it using a die from MFT stamps.  Be sure to have a lighter on hand to heat the edges as best as possible to minimize fraying.  I free-hand cut the ribbon for the leaves.  Then I made little roses from the pink ribbon.  I hot glued all the embellishments onto the sachet.

For this one I used a left over piece of the ribbon I had layered for the wedding card and box I shared about a month ago.  I layered the Dazzle ribbon - Light Pink over a length of Double Ruffle ribbon - White.  I used these ribbons to cover the flap on the sachet and then made a rose and leaves out of felt.

Lastly, I created this embellishment using the Country Check ribbon - Light Blue.  I cut a length that is approximately 8 inches and wove a needle and thread along one edge.  I then pulled on the thread to gather the ribbon.  I hot glued it onto the sachet and added a button.  Then I made a little bow using some natural twine and glued it on.  It sort of looks like a sun-bonnet.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog today and I hope my project inspires you to create something simple and sweet - these would be perfect for little gifts!  And you don't have to use lavender buds.  You could use those dryer pellets.  Tuck these into your dresser drawers and linen closets to keep everything smelling fresh.  Personally, I'm adding some to my daughter's smelly dance bag!

Sweet Treat Containers

Friday, September 11, 2015

There's nothing like using ribbons to finish a project.  And Ribbons Unlimited has some lovely ribbons to choose from.  Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a cute little metal caddy which I thought would be fun to turn into a sweet treat container.

I decided to  frost the glasses, so I used dip 'n etch from Etchall.  This product allows you to etch glass in just 15 minutes.  So while I waited for the glasses to etch, I decided to change the color of my caddy from white to blue to match the ribbon I wanted to use.  I simply white washed the caddy with Ann Butler Iridescents in Lagoon, letting some of the white caddy show.

Using Four Seasons Wired Ribbon in Aqua, I tied the ribbon around the necks of the bottles.  Then I tied additional ribbon about the handles of the caddy.

I think this made for a perfect candy dispenser.  It sits on my desk and when I need a sweet snack - there it is.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Initial Door 'Wreath" by Nicole

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nicole on the blog today.  I've made quite a few door wreaths over the years.  Pretty much all were for a holiday or season and I actually don't have one that is for the everyday.  That is what I'm going to show you today is how I made my new "wreath" that is hanging on my front door.  I used French Wired Ribbon in Porcelain Blue as an accent and a hanger.

I started by making a template cut from card stock and used that to trace onto three pieces of chipboard.
I cut out three since the chipboard I had on hand wasn't very thick.  I then glued these three together to make the base nice and thick.  Now I gathered a few more supplies:  a dowel, book paper, and glue.

I started rolling the book paper on the dowel and gluing the edge.
Once glue has secured the edge, slide it off the dowel.  

Once you've made a good handful start laying them down and gluing to the chipboard.  

I worked in sections gluing down quite a few and then turning the chipboard over and cutting off the overhang with scissors.  

Here is the completed letter covered in rolled dictionary paper.

Next I started with a simple ribbon. 
 To get a full bow I cut another length of ribbon and slipped the length underneath this bow.  

Tie this in another bow the opposite direction of the bottom.  Clip the extra ribbon.  
I love using this ribbon technique when you I want something a little more full than just a simple bow. 
I finished with some card stock flowers that I attached using glue and foam adhesive.  

Here is another look at my finished initial hanging on my front door. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, Nicole

Flower SVG cut files by Jamie Cripps from digiplayground.com

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