Bow Tutorial with Jamie

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good morning!  Jamie back with you today to share a quick and easy tutorial for creating this stunning bow using Ribbons Unlimited Inc. ribbons!

For today's project I am using

Here's the tutorial:
 1.  Cut your Ombre Ribbon in three strips to 7", 9", and 12".  Cut your satin ribbon to 9".  For the twine you will need a 10" piece.  This is covered up so you will not see it with the finished bow.
 2.  With your 7" ribbon, fold the piece in half (long ways) and trim the end at an angle.
 3.  Your end should look like this now.
 4.  Repeat with the other side.  Your finished piece should be similar to this.  This will be the bow base.  Set aside for now.
 5.  Take your 12" Ombre Ribbon and fold to mark the center.  Place adhesive in the center on the under side.  Bring one side of the ribbon over and adhere, forming a loop at one end. Apply more adhesive to the center and bring the other side of the ribbon over to form the second loop.  Your ribbon should look like this now.
 6.  Grab your twine and tie a knot around the center of your bow.
 7.  Repeat Step #5 for the 9" ribbon.
 8.  Turn your bow over and bring the twine tails up.  Place your smaller bow in the center of the larger and tie a knot to hold it in place.
 9.  Flip your bows over and grab your base piece.  Bring the twine tails out to the side.
10. Tie a knot around the base piece, centering.  Trim your twine tails.
11.  Turn your bow back over and fluff out the loops.
12.  Tie a bow around the center with your satin ribbon.

That's all there is to it!  Now you have a gorgeous bow that can be used on project, gift wrapping, even in your hair!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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