Organdy Ribbon Roses by Crystal

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello Ribbons Unlimited Friends!!
It's Crystal here with a tutorial on how to make roses out of Organdy  2 3/4" size ribbon! Ribbons Unlimited Inc. has a ton of colors so I am sure you will find the right color for your project.  If you follow my blog any at all you know I love making flowers and I will make them from anything that will hold Today I am making these roses for hair clips, but again use your imagination as these can be added to anything to doll up your projects.
organdy roses 034
Lets get started
Take your ribbon and fold back and forth until you have 8 layers square 2-3/4 
(this doesn't have to be exact)
organdy roses 001
Your ribbon should look like this now...
organdy roses 002
Find the center and make starter hole with a piercing tool:
organdy roses 003
Then add a brad to center of the ribbons
organdy roses 004
Cut each layer apart so they are now single layers
organdy roses 005
Next make cuts from each corner to the center, do all four sides
organdy roses 008
Then twist the layers so they are all off-center and use your heat gun and carefully heat the ribbon and it will melt and curl (I use a heat gun and not lighter because the lighter will leave brown or black on light ribbon and with the heat gun you also have more control).  Do this until you have the desired look!
organdy roses 011
Your completed rose should look similar to this:
organdy roses 012
Here is the back side of the rose:
organdy roses 013
I also made a smaller one use half the width (folding it over) and only do 4 layers:
organdy roses 014
Cut in half and now you have 8 layers, add brad and make your cuts and heat
organdy roses 015
Here are my 3 flowers! 
Don't you just love how pretty these are? 
This Organdy ribbon has a beautiful shimmer to it...
organdy roses 018
To finish my flowers, I make loops for the leaves with the lime organdy delight 5/8" ribbon
organdy roses 019
organdy roses 022
Then I add felt circles to the back for a more finished look...
organdy roses 024
TIP ALERT: If you are making these for little baby's with fine hair add some of the No slip sheet  (found by the liners for the kitchen cabinets) to the inside of the clip now the flower will not slip on fine hair!
lipgloss tut 020
Now a look at my finished hair clips!
organdy roses 025

organdy roses 027

organdy roses 034
Thanks for stopping by the blog , I hope you learned something new to try with the amazing ribbon found at Ribbons Unlimited! Be sure to stop by the store and order some for those upcoming projects. 
Get scrappy and make something that makes you SMILE : )


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