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Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello Ribbons Unlimited, Inc. Friends!
It's Crystal here and today we are going to vamp up a picture frame with ribbon from Ribbons Unlimited inc. and some handmade paper flowers. For this projects I used Ombre Wired - Grass green 1 1/2" ribbon.  This ribbon is so pretty and I love the dark to light ombre effect it has.  The ribbon adds so much interest and pop to your project!  
Let's get started ...
First I am making my paper flowers.  I stamp two pages of flowers , this stamp is set up as a background stamp  so this makes it easy!
(all products I used will be linked below at the bottom of this post)
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 001 - Copy
This is what it looks like stamped out.  I used pink cardstock and a rich razzleberry ink.
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 002 - Copy
The die that cuts these out is set up the same as the stamp so its easy to line up and cut about a dozen different sized flowers at once! I cut two sheets worth of flowers to work with.
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 003 - Copy
This is what it looks like when cut out...
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 005 - Copy
Next I stack by flower size:
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 006 - Copy
Then  I use a dabber and more razzelberry ink to
 ink the edges of the flowers and the centers...
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 007
Next use a stylus and molding mat to shape the flowers.  Lay face down and rub every petal from the tip of petal and pull to center, this curls the petals.  Turn over face up and rub a circle in center this makes the flower take shape, then pinch each petal at the tips.
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 010
Layer up the flowers!  
I make different sizes because no flowers all open the same or are the same size!
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 012
Next I use 3D paint in walnut on flowers and moss green on leaves.  I cut 8 and 7 inch strips of the ribbon and hot glue into a tailless bow shape:
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 015
I then layout the flowers to see placement.   Once I determine that I have enough flowers for my 8"x10" frame, I cut a 24" piece of ribbon and start at corner and run down the bottom and up the side and twist and hot glue on the frame.  Next I angel the tails of the ribbon then hot glue on my leaves and bows and flowers.
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 013
Here is the finished frame!  What do you think? 
The sweet model is my 8 yr old daughter Zoe's school picture
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 016

Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 018

Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 019

Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 020
Look how pretty this ribbon is!  I am so going back to the Ribbons Unlimited Inc. store for more of this!  The Ombre Ribbon comes in several colors I am sure you can find just the right color for your projects.
Ribbons Unlimited  2-28-14 022
Thanks for stopping by!
 I hope this has inspired you to create something that makes you Smile : )


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