Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial by Jamie

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jamie Cripps is back with another fabulous tutorial! This time she combined her creative talents to make a ribbon bracelet, and she walks us through step by step. Enjoy!


18" Embroidery Floss (or thin crochet yarn) 
Large Jewel Brad 
Upholstery (or thick) needle
(click on images to view larger)



1. Cut a piece of 1/4" Double Faced Satin ribbon to 2 yards then fold in half. Thread an upholstery (or thick needle) with an 18" piece embroidery thread and tie a knot in one end. Starting at the fold of the satin ribbon, create a small stitch as shown. 
2. Continue to make the stitches in the ribbon, all similar sizes, and pull the ribbon tight to form an accordion look. 
3. Make sure to keep the ribbon pieces together as you sew the ribbon. 
4. When you finish with your 36" piece of ribbon, it should look similar to this. You can loosen the accordion folds to achieve the look you want. 
5. To finish off the bracelet, pull the ribbon around in a circle form and push your needle through the starting fold as shown. 
6. Leave a space large enough for your wrist to fit through and pull the string back to the other side and tie a double knot. 
7. Your bracelet should look like this. 
8. Cut an 18" piece of 1-1/2" sheer wired ribbon and tie a knot in one end. 
9. Push a jeweled brad through the knot as shown. 
10. This photo shows the back side of the brad. Leave the brad stems together for now. 
11. Hold the brad stem and the tail of the knot then twist and wrap the remaining ribbon around the brad as shown. When you finish wrapping the brad, push the remaining ribbon through the brad stem then open up the stem to hold the ribbon securely. Leave enough ribbon to tie the brad on to the center of the bracelet and knot to secure.


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