Woven Ribbon Tutorial by Jamie

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Morning!  Jamie with you today to share a fun 
tutorial for creating a woven ribbon!  You can use the woven ribbon to create 
barrettes, headbands, bracelets or even as an embellishment for layouts or cards!

Today I am working with Ribbons Unlimited Inc.'s Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Copper in 1/4" width.  This tutorial will work with other ribbon types as well and you could even use two different colors of ribbon to change it up!

Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut two pieces of ribbon of equal lengths.
2.  Place glue a little over an inch in on one of the ribbons.  Fold the end over to form about a 1/2" loop and adhere the end on the glue.
3.  Repeat the step for the other ribbon.  Your ribbons should look like this now.
4.  Slide one loop through the other.
5.  Next form a loop (bringing the ribbon up on itself) with the ribbon that you slid the other loop through.
6.  Push the loop through the loop that you slid through in step #4.
7.  Next form a loop with the second ribbon as you did above.
8.  Push that loop through the other loop.  Pulling the ribbons tight as you go.
 9-11. Continue forming loops and passing them through, alternating ribbons as you go.
12.  Continue until you have your desire lengths.  Trim your ribbon.
13.  Place glue under the braided ribbon end.
14.  Place glue under the second braided ribbon end. 
15.  Trim the ribbon ends.
16.  Hot glue the woven ribbon on your headband.
17.  Cut another piece of matching ribbon and tie in a bow around the headband.

Here's a look at the headband in hair!

Be sure to check out all of the ribbon selections HERE.
Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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