Cheer Bow by Crystal

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Ribbons Unlimited Inc.  fans!

It's Crystal here back with a tutorial on how I solved a problem and created a Cheer Bow. 
A Cheer bow is typically 3" wide, but try to find ribbon that is 3" wide and it either cost a fortune or does not come in to many colors.  Grosgrain is the type of ribbon that is best for these bows as it has great body and holds its shape very well . So I am going to show you how to use 1-1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon to create a Cheer Bow by sewing it together!

So to start pick your colors, my daughter has a new outfit that is cameo so I am using a brown, black, and green ribbon of this bow: Ribbons Unlimited Inc has 4 pages of solid colored grosgrain ribbon in lots of colors, they also carry glittered and print grosgrain so go check it out!

Supplies used for this project are:
a small zip tie
a lighter to melt the edges
option shabby flower for center
scrap black felt
black hair pony tie

Cheer bow 005

Cut all 3 ribbons to 30" long, next set the black and brown side by side and lay the moss down the center, next we will zigzag over the top to sew the two pieces together and make a 3" wide piece with a contrast color down the center.

Cheer bow 002
Next we form the bow, find the center make the loops even...
Cheer bow 004

Grab the zip tie and wrap around center add the hair tie to back side of the bow and close the zip tie just tight enough to hold the bow in shape  but loose enough to make adjustments to the loops and tails until you get it just how you want it...
Cheer bow 006

Cheer bow 007

Cheer bow 008
With the scissors angle the bow tails and use the lighter to 
heat seal the edges this keeps the tails from fraying
Cheer bow 010

Next I try different centers, the first is a shabby center but 
then I chose to go a different route
Cheer bow 012
I took the brown and moss and tied a knot to make a center
Cheer bow 011
I chose to use the knot
Cheer bow 013
Next I glue the knot onto the bow on the back side and cover 
the glue with a felt square in black to hide the seam
Cheer bow 016
Here is my finished 3" wide Cheer bow!
Cheer bow 018
My model today is my daughter Zoe, the lighting in my scrap room was 
not the best so we went outside to take a few more pictures
Cheer bow 020
She is squinting because the sun is too bright for her lol oh the pains of being a model for your mom, but remember the bow is for her
Cheer bow 022

Cheer bow 023

Thank you Zoe for helping me today and I hope you find this tutorial helpful and you come up with your own creative Cheer Bow ideas.

I hope this project was inspiring and it  gets you to create something special with ribbon from Ribbons Unlimited Inc.  I will be back Wednesday with another great project to share with you
Thanks so much for stopping by, leave me some feed back if you loved this project, I love hearing from my scrappy computer friends who love getting crafty : )

Crystal Lopez – Design Team member for Ribbons Unlimited


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