Spider Bow with Jamie

Friday, October 3, 2014

 Good Morning Ribbons Unlimited, Inc. Fans!  Jamie back with you and today I am sharing a fun tutorial for creating a ribbon spider!  You can use these spiders for hair accessories, to decorate a vase, or even on gifts!  I placed my spider in the center of a bow on a hair tie so that we can use it on a vase and in our hair too!  

For my project I am using the following:

Here's the tutorial:
1.  Cut four 8" pieces and one 24" piece of the black satin ribbon.  
2.  Starting with the 24" piece, place a small piece of double-sided adhesive on one end of the ribbon.
3.  Adhere the ribbon to itself making about a 1-1/2" loop.
4.  Roll the ribbon around that loop then add another piece of double-sided adhesive to the end.
5.  Adhere the end in place.  Your loop should look similar to this now.
6.  Gather your four 8" strips together in one line.  Tie them around the loop.
7.  Pull the knot tight and pull the "legs" on each side out.
8.  Separate out the loop to form the body.
9.  Trim the "legs" at angles.  I did the front two in one direction and the back two in the other direction.
10. Next cut a 22" piece of the Princess Glitter Ribbon.  Get your hair tie and a zip tie for your bow if you are using it.
11.  Flip your bow over and place the hair tie on the back.  Feed the zip tie around and include the hair tie in and latch it together.  Fluff out your bow to have equal loops then pull the zip tie tight.
12.  Trim off the back of the zip tie.
13.  Flip your bow back over - it should look similar to this.  Fluff the bow as needed.
14.  Hot glue your spider in place in the center!

Thanks so much for stopping by today


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