Loopy Ribbon Bow with Jamie

Friday, April 4, 2014

 Good Morning!  Jamie back with you today to share a fun loopy ribbon bow tutorial using the Ribbons Unlimited Double Ruffled Ribbon in 3/8".  These bows are perfect for cards, layouts, altered projects, sewing projects, and would even be darling for hair bows!

Here's what you will need:
40" of 3/8" Double Ruffle in each of the following colors:
Needle & Thread

Here is the tutorial: 
1.  Cut four strings of 40" ribbon.
2.  Cut each of the 40" strips into 4" cuts, making 10 in each color.
3.  Bend one of the ribbon pieces in half to form a loop and then push your needle/thread up through the center of the ends as shown.
4.  Determine your pattern and string your ribbons pushing them down to your end knot.
5.  Continue adding your ribbons in your pattern.  I used pink, aqua, dandelion, white.
6.  Once you have finished, pull your string tightly to bunch up the ribbons.
7.  Pull your thread back through your first loop and double knot it.
8.  Your finished bow will look similar to this.
9.  Tie your bow on to your project.  I am using a 3/8" Organdy ribbon tied in a bow.

Here is a look at my finished project:

You can find the digital cutting basket file here: 3D Tall Easter Basket

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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