Hanging Frames with Jamie Cripps

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good morning Ribbons fans!  Jamie with you again today to share with you one of my little tricks for decorating for the Holidays.  We have several frames with photos hanging on our walls with single hooks so when it comes time to decorate for the Holidays I always try to find   framed art work that could hang in their place but the issue I find is that a lot have two hanging mechanisms on them.  Rather than placing another hole in the wall I am going to show you how to use our Satin Cord Ribbon to modify the hanging!

Our Satin Cord Ribbon is 2mm wide and it comes in 25 different colors making it easy to match to your frames and decor!  

1. Flip your frame over and measure the length between the two hanging mechanisms from their centers.  Take that measurement and add 6" then cut that length of cord.
2.  Start by placing the first end of the cord under a bracket then tie that in a double knot making sure you pull tightly.
3.  Place your second end under the remaining bracket and tie that end in a double knot as you did before.
4.  Pull the cord in the middle to secure your knots then use a matching double ruffled ribbon to tie a bow in the center then hang on your current hook!

Super easy and quick!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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