Spiral Bow with Jamie Cripps

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Good evening!  Jamie back with you tonight to share an easy and fun bow!  I am using this one as a hair bow, but you could use this on scrapbook pages, cards, floral designs, and so much more!

Here is the tutorial:
1.  Gather your ribbon, clothes pins, and a dowel rod and preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
2.  Wrap your ribbon around the dowel rod, securing the first end with a clothes pin.
3.  Continue wrapping the ribbon tightly down the dowel rod.
4.  Secure the end with the second clothes pin when complete.
5.  I used three separate coordinating ribbons, repeating steps 2-4 for each.
6.  Next place your ribbons on a baking sheet and back at 250 for 25 minutes.  Remove the ribbons from the oven and stand to let them cool (7-10 minutes).
7.  Carefully slide the ribbons off the dowel rods and cut to your desired length.  Mine are 4".
8.  Use a flame around the edges so they do not fray.
9.  Next take a piece of twine and tie three of them together in the center.
10.  Gather the next three and tie them on as well.
11.  Tie a large bow using the Organdy Ribbon.
12.  Tie the spiral on to the Organdy ribbon bow so it is on the bottom.
13.  Bring the two piece of twine up to the top of the ribbon.
14.  Flip the bow over again and slide a barrette through the twine as shown.
15.  Turn the bow back to the top and then use the twine to tie a button in place.

Super easy and the kids will have fun making these too!

Ribbons Unlimited Supplies:
2-3/4" Light Pink Organdy
3/8" Double Ruffle Hot Pink


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