Satin Headband with Pinky

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good morning Ribbons Unlimited friends, 

Pinky here today with a fun tutorial post. 
If you have a girl or wear headbands- you probably have that old headband 
around that you just can't part with because it's not broken yet. 
I have several, so I decided to upcycle and refresh them!
 Step 1. Start at the end of the headband place a dot of hot glue. 
Step 2. Place Ribbons Unlimited ribbon on inside edge and wrap twice tightly. 
 Step 3. Wrap ribbon around headband working your way up the side,
using sporadic dots of glue. 
Step 4. Stop wrapping halfway up- using broken necklace or beads
hot glue beads or necklace onto headband. Make sure beads or necklace 
are still strung. 
 Step 5. Wrap ribbon around beads as shown. 
Step 6. End with tightly wrapped ribbon and dot of glue.

Watch the smiles begin! 
A beautiful band for a beautiful child. 

I hope you were inspired by today's post to get out there and use RIBBON!
Its the perfect shade!
Until next time- keep on creating!


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