Throw pillow by Nicole

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nicole here on the blog today to share a throw pillow I made accented with ribbon.  I've been meaning to make a throw pillow for my sis for awhile.  When this pink ribbon came in my box I knew it was the perfect time since pink and black were her wedding colors.  

I started by making piping with cording and hot pink ribbon.  The cording I found at the craft store in the upholstery findings.  

I cut enough of the cording to go around my pillow and then made it just a tad bit longer.  Now you'll take the cording and place it in the middle of the ribbon and pin it closed.  

Once the length is pinned I did a simple straight stitch down the length of the ribbon.

Now I cut a piece of drop cloth material big enough to fit my pillow top.  The finished piping I pinned around the edges of the drop cloth being careful around the corners.    

Attach with another pass through the sewing machine.
Now to embellish that pillow top.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a piece of vinyl.  Once cut I carefully laid the design on the center of my pillow top.  

The vinyl was giving me grief since I didn't get it to lay flat and it was bubbling slightly around the edges of the hearts.  To make sure the paint didn't bleed under the edges of vinyl I used a foam brush to add the black acrylic paint in an up and down motion.    
Once the paint dried I removed the vinyl and also cut three of the hearts out with a pair of fabric scissors.   

These hearts I filled with the patterned ribbon.  I took pieces of drop cloth and traced the heart shapes with a pencil.  These are going to be my base to which I attach the ribbon and and will also be placed behind the cutouts.  

Using Helmar Fabric Glue I attached all the ribbon over the top of the hearts.  
I then pinned them in place and added more glue around each of the openings on the back to secure them in place.  

Once all the glue was dry I added some sewing details with pink embroidery floss.  

I then finished off my pillow by sewing two smaller pieces of drop cloth material to form a envelope cover.  

Here is another look at the finished pillow.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.

Ribbons used in this project:

All digital SVG files from


Melissa Craig said...

I love this! What a super cute idea.

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