Tying it all together for Grandma's big day by Nicole

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hey everyone!  Nicole here to share my first project on the blog.  My grandma's 80th birthday was a little over a week ago and my ribbon arrived on the morning I was finishing up my grandma's birthday cake.  I had been putting off getting ribbon for her cake and I'm so glad I did.  The French Wired Ribbon in Porcelain Blue was the perfect shade of blue that I had been wanting and also happens to be my grandma's favorite color.  

I prepped the ribbon to be added to the cake by lining one side of the ribbon with packing tape.  I laid the tape on the table and placed the ribbon on top.  I doesn't have to be perfect since any of the excess will be trimmed off.

Just a side note:  You can add the ribbon to the cake without tape, but I prefer to do this extra step since some ribbons tend to soak up the oils from the buttercream and end up stained.

Using scissors carefully trim away the extra packing tape along each side.  
I decorated the bottom tier of the cake, let the buttercream set up a bit, and then added the ribbon along the bottom.  I secured the ribbon with a couple of white straight pins that had been washed and dried. 

The finishing touch was the bow I tied and glued to the bottom of the board.  The wire in the ribbon worked perfectly here to allow me to shape the bow and it stayed in place.  

I finished up the cake by placing my crumb coat top tier and decorating with ombre rosettes.  I love how the cake turned out and that ribbon was the perfect way to tie in my vision for the whole thing.   

Can you believe I never got a picture of the cake at the party with the cake topper?!!  In my defense I not only did the cake, but also was in charge of decorating and making sure everything was ready for her big party.  I took the night off of taking pictures and handed the camera over to my uncle.  My son did capture this picture with his kindle.  He snapped this as my great-aunts were singing and before we cut the cake.

Doesn't she look great for 80!  I hope I inherited a few of those genes.
That's it from me today.  Thanks for stopping by!  Nicole



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