Adding Interest to Everyday Invitations with Jamie

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Morning!  Jamie back with you today sharing an easy way to add interest to a plain invitation!  I am going to be working with the Polka Dot Ribbon in Dark Mint/Chocolate, the 7/8" Chocolate Chip Grosgrain, and the 3/8" Aqua Double Ruffled Ribbon!

Before we go into the tutorial, I wanted to show you my before invitation...

Okay, so let's begin!
1.  Tie a bow using the Polka Dot Ribbon in Dark Mint/Chocolate ribbon.
2.  Next tie a piece of the 3/8" Aqua Double Ruffled Ribbon around the Polka Dot ribbon and then tie into a bow.
3.  Tie a piece of the 7/8" Chocolate Chip Grosgrain around the invitation body and tie in a knot.  Place a piece of twine under the knotted area.
4.  Place your bow on top of your knot and then attach with the twine.
5.  Finish by tying the twine in a bow.

Now...are you ready to see the finished invite?
Have a look...

Pretty amazing how quickly the ribbon changes the look of the invitation set, right!?
I love how easy it is!  This would work great with packaging and gift wrapping too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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